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Our Institute Organized Volunteers to Guarantee “Nanjing Marathon”Long-Distance Running Activity

Time:2016/12/14 18:01:47


           On the race day, although ancient Jinling City Nanjing was enveloped by dark clouds, it had vigorous energy because of a group of young people in orange. They are volunteers organized and recruited for the second Nanjing Marathon by Youth League Committee of the city.

    After the announcement of recruiting volunteers, youth league committee of our institute responded immediately. Ma Jingzhi, the secretary of youth league committee encouraged every youth league branch and departments which struggled for young advanced collective to take an active part in this activity. More than 40 applicants signed up successively.

    More than 2,500 volunteers of this event were allocated to registration, reception, water stops, medical center, loading on vehicles and other over 20 posts. In order to provide water and energy supply for athletes in time, our volunteers arrived at appointed water shops at 5 o’clock in the morning.


    Although worked for 5 hours continuously, all of the volunteers thought it was worthy. They encouraged the athletes, gave sponge to athletes and cleaned streets orderly. After the volunteer work, brother units took a photo for memory. This activity was the first Marathon volunteer guarantee activity that our youth volunteer group took part in. In this activity, many people met their old friends and made acquaintance of new friends as well. The atmosphere was in harmony. They all think it is a beneficial activity and wish to participate in more meaningful social activities and contribute a lot to Nanjing. They also say that they want to set good social image for institute and make their own contribution to create Provincial Model Establishment.